Meet Alejandra Pablos, We Testify Storyteller

Alejandra Pablos, a We Testify abortion storyteller and undocumented immigrant rights activist, was detained and arrested by ICE after participating in a peaceful protest. She spent 43 days in jail. Even during her detention, Alejandra continued to speak her truth about immigrant justice and its inevitable ties to reproductive justice and her calls to action have only gotten louder since her release. “Our organizing has to call for the abolishment of ICE, as much as for the protection of Roe,” Pablos said. “We must continue to fight for a living wage and fight for those in cages. We must care about freeing us all.” What is necessary in this political moment, Pablos feels, is the centering the voices and experiences of Black and Brown peoples. “Let’s be clear — Black and Brown people have been attacked by our government since the beginning of time,” Pablos said. “And even though fear is present, and we see the risk, we are forced and required to fight back. To survive. What is personal is political for every single one of us.” Moving forward, Pablos says that we must open up space for conversations and organizing with other generations. “[NNAF is] Black-women led and has known all along that our lives are complex and that access to abortion, a living wage, access to health care, and the ability to raise families without violence are all part of what people need to thrive,” Pablos said. “I am honored to say I am a part of this chosen family.” “It is important to learn from each other’s struggle, to see that we were born resilient and to visualize the future together.” We Testify is national storytelling and leadership development program that works to broaden the spectrum of abortion storytellers in the public sphere and to shift the way the media understands the context and complexity of accessing abortion care.

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