Storyteller: Aimee

Location: Austin, TX

Local Fund: Fund Texas Choice

When I found out I was pregnant, I had not been functioning properly for years. I had been cycling through college semesters in manic and depressive phases and I was approaching rock bottom. There was no question that I was going to have an abortion and I have never questioned my decision before or after. My abortion was the beginning of the path that led me to get my life on track, reconnect with my partner, finish college, go to law school and start my family. My abortion embodied the self-determination through bodily autonomy that my dad, an abortion provider in central and south Texas had dedicated his life to and had raised me to believe in.


Stories by Aimee

Quarantine Love

It was a week after my birthday when I noticed my period still hadn’t come; I kept thinking maybe it would, even my boyfriend thought the same. I was totally wrong. Two weeks later I decided to order a pregnancy test. That morning I snuck in the bathroom, I didn’t want my boyfriend to find … Continue reading


I found out I was pregnant the summer before my third year of college. I knew I didn’t want a child at 20 and the boy that got me pregnant was my f*** buddy and he ghosted me after I told him. My family was unable to help me financially and I didn’t want to … Continue reading

Aimee’s Abortion Story

 I am excited to be in a space within the reproductive health, justice, and rights movement that feels like a safe space to tell my abortion story and to have the support to make it an enriching and fulfilling experience. After hearing a woman’s story 4 years ago during the People’s Filibuster in Texas, I … Continue reading