Storyteller: Alejandra Pablos

Location: Washington, DC and Arizona

I had an abortion in 2017. I actually wanted to have a baby. I am older, more mature. Quickly, I had a reality check, it just wasn’t the right time, for a couple of reasons. The person I was intimate with and I both decided we did not want to plan a family together. It was not easy but it was the best thing for our futures.

The difficult part for me really was the fear I feel every day. I am afraid that the broken, cruel immigration system in the U.S will tear me away from family, from my child if I had one. I see it every day, everywhere, families ripped apart by ICE, parents displaced in prisons, daughters in jails, sons in deportation proceedings. Fear. I cannot begin to think of planning a family when I know I am facing a racist system that is here to oppress brown and immigrant people.

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