Storyteller: Angie

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Age: 24

Why are you excited to participate in Youth Testify?

It is amazing to be surrounded in a cohort of young wonderful and empowering people who want to make a change in our communities all over the country. We can count on each other for support. Action is power. Young people sharing their stories together and making our voices heard in this political moment is huge.

What would you like to share about your abortion story?

Both times I got pregnant, I was in an abusive relationship. He separated me from my family and my friends, so I was very isolated and without a support system. He didn’t support my decisions, so I was really alone. The first time, I got pregnant on accident and the second time he coerced me by refusing to pull out because he didn’t want me to finish my education. It was a wake up call to get out of the relationship. I share my story because I want Latinas to know they have the power to leave an abusive relationship and that they don’t have to succumb to machismo.

How are you excited to organize your community to eradicate abortion stigma?

I plan to organize events with my sorority sisters on campus to raise awareness about our experiences. I hope that one day Latinas won’t feel like they have to go through an abortion on their own.

What do you wish other young people knew about seeking abortion?

Barriers young people experience include money, judicial bypass, fear of parents or family finding out, discrimination and stigma, and feeling alone. I wish other young people knew that there are a lot of resources that could help find abortion access and that some people trying to “help” are really just anti-abortion people who want to make us feel ashamed. Also, I want young people to know that they don’t owe anyone an explanation or an apology on decisions they make for their bodies.

Why are you sharing your abortion story?

I am sharing my abortion so that other young Latinas who find themselves in an abusive relationship don’t feel like they are alone, and feel more comfortable with their decision to leave or have an abortion. I want the elders in the Latinx community to understand that just because they went through an abusive or dangerous situation, that doesn’t mean that young Latinas have to go through it too. We’re thankful for their sacrifice, and things change; we have options now. Together we can eradicate machismo and hold men accountable for their actions.


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