Storyteller: Bi Camp

It’s important for me to share my story because I had a great abortion experience, one that I think everyone should have access to. I had an abortion plan in the same way folks have a birth plan, and my loved ones ensured that I got the tender, intimate, compassionate experience that I envisioned. People deserve to know that they are always the expert of their body. You don’t surrender it to the health care experts just because you’ve agreed to have a procedure. You should always be centered.  Also, it is not a duty of mine, or I think anyone, to create family through biological reproduction. People who have loving partners, supportive friends, stable income can still choose abortion, can still delay or avoid parenting all together. I am committed to adoption, to co-parenting, to being an amazing aunty. It’s important for folks to see more of themselves and their families in the stories that circulate.

Stories by Bi Camp

Bi’s Abortion Story

When I found out I was pregnant, I processed with close friends, my partner and received a lot of support. Ultimately, I decided it wasn’t the political, social or environmental moment I wanted to have a child in. Also, my emotional wellbeing was resulting in psychosomatic, physical strain on my body over this pregnancy. I … Continue reading