Storyteller: Candice Russell

Location: Dallas, Texas

Bio: Candice Russell is a Jewish Latina and a proud Texan who has been advocating for abortion access since the passage of HB 2 in 2013, when she shared her abortion story for the first time at the state senate. A freelancer and activist, her writing can be found in The Huffington Post, The Seattle Times, and ElleGIRL, and her story has been featured in The Guardian and the New York Times. In 2013, she was awarded the first Generation Personal Award recipient by She lives with her schnauzer, Madden, and can usually be found chatting with folks about abortion while waiting in line for what is likely her third latte.

Abortion Story Summary: I had an abortion when I was much younger—one that I knew had saved my life at a time when I was much too poor and unsure and under-resourced to parent—but the second time, I was in my thirties and on birth control and had decided that kids were not in my life plan. My two abortions happened under vastly different circumstances but they both played a vital role in my life. I want other people who have had abortions to know that they don’t have to be ashamed and that they are not alone even if they don’t see themselves represented all the time. I don’t live in regret because I have had abortions, I live a full and happy life because of them.

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