Storyteller: Daniela Diaz

I’m excited to share my story because it’s one where shame, fear and guilt could not flourish. I want to bust stigma and myth about abortion while weaving in my immigrant experience into my story.  I want people to know that it’s okay to not feel guilt, fear or shame. It’s okay to feel relief and freedom after making the decision to have abortion or multiple abortions. It’s okay to want to have great sex after having an abortion too. What’s near and dear to my heart when I share my story is that I want immigrant people, like me, to know that our culture and upbringing is strong, and that our ability to choose what’s right for us strong too. This is why I want to keep sharing my story in my first language as well, in Spanish. Abortion isn’t legal in Venezuela, my home country, and through sharing my story I want to advocate for change back home too.

Stories by Daniela Diaz