Storyteller: Holly Bland

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Local Fund: Preterm

When I was 19 I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant – I was a full-time college student and supported myself by working at a local grocery store for Ohio’s $8/hr minimum wage. I knew right away that I couldn’t continue the pregnancy. I’m bipolar, I have polycystic ovaries, and mostly, I just wasn’t ready to be a parent. Quite a few of Ohio’s abortion clinics had closed recently, so I had to travel an hour from my home in Ashtabula to a clinic in Akron. After that initial appointment, Ohio laws required that I wait at least 24 hours before having the procedure, so I had to miss another day of work and travel back to the clinic a second time to have a surgical abortion. Once I was there, everything was fine. I had a surgical abortion and on the way home I splurged on a Big Mac.

Stories by Holly Bland

Holly’s Abortion Story

 I’m excited to be a part of We Testify to reduce stigma surrounding abortion and to empower folks I encounter everyday who have had an abortion. Most importantly, I’m excited to be a part of We Testify to shift the conversation on abortion back to someone like me–someone who has had an abortion. It’s important … Continue reading