Storyteller: Jack Qu’emi Gutiérrez

Location: Gainesville, Florida
Bio: Jack Qu’emi Gutiérrez is a femme, AfrxBoricua, nonbinary queer originally hailing from Miami. Their personal gender pronouns are singular they/them/theirs. They are a freelance writer and educator focusing on the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, ability, and class. They’re a pretty big fan of Justice League, want to be Batman, and think any situation can be improved with the addition of food. You can find most of their work through a quick Google search, or just follow the trail of glitter that leads to their social media accounts.
Abortion Story Summary: I had a medicinal abortion when I was 20. Prior to that, I had always been an advocate for reproductive rights, but it wasn’t until afterwards that it became clear to me how casually cissexist and heteronormative this movement is. I share my story to give a face to a community frequently erased from conversations about reproductive rights. Cissexism has no place in this movement and I intend to show it the way out.

Stories by Jack Qu’emi Gutiérrez

Jack Qu’emi Gutiérrez’s Abortion Story

I had a medicinal abortion when I was 20. I was a poor undergraduate student in a crumbling relationship with poor mental health. Making the decision to have an abortion wasn’t difficult, but accessing it was…It wasn’t just the physical and logistical aspects of having a medicinal procedure, but the emotional labor of navigating a space where I was constantly misgendered… Continue reading