Storyteller: Jordyn Close

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Age: 21

Abortion Fund: Women Have Options Ohio

Why are you excited to participate in Youth Testify?

I’m excited to participate in Youth Testify to continue to break down stigma. I believe that young people are powerful, and have the momentum to create change.

What would you like to share about your abortion story?

My abortion was the best decision I’ve ever made. I didn’t have as many barriers as some Youth Testify participants. I had support from my partner, and I felt like I had compassionate care. I realize that my story can be considered “one of the lucky ones”, but that should be the standard for everyone.

How are you excited to organize your community to eradicate abortion stigma?

I am building momentum to organize in Ohio to educate people in my community about ending abortion stigma, unjust policies in our state, and increasing access to care. I really love tabling at events to talk to people I wouldn’t normally be able to talk to, whether it’s about our abortions or resources in our community.

What do you wish other young people knew about seeking abortion?

I wish other young people know that people will be there to help you. They will be there to help you through the financial barriers, the transportation issues, and more. Reach out for support.

Why are you sharing your abortion story?

I am sharing my story so other people feel comfortable sharing theirs and know that there are resources to help them through the process.

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