Storyteller: Kenya Martin

Location: Houston, Texas

Local Funds: Lilith Fund, Fund Texas Choice

I’ve had 6 abortions in the past 20 years. I was 19 and in my second year of college when I had my first abortion. At that point in my life, I was still figuring everything out, focusing on my education, and not even remotely ready to become a parent. Having an abortion was definitely the right decision then. Five years later, I became pregnant again and I wanted to have another abortion. Without support from my family, though, felt like I couldn’t do it and I became a parent. I love my daughter but I resent the circumstances that brought her into this world. I’ve had two more abortions since then and they were definitely the right decision for me. They allowed me to be the author of my own life story, and I’m grateful for that.

Stories by Kenya Martin

Kenya’s Abortion Story

I’m excited to be a part of We Testify because after becoming an abortion counselor, I found it to be very helpful to share with patients that I too had an abortion. So I felt it necessary to share with an even broader audience; especially women of color. It is important for women/woc and mothers … Continue reading