Storyteller: Kristine Kippins

Location: Washington, DC
Bio: Kristine A. Kippins was born and raised in New York, NY to immigrant parents from Georgetown, Guyana. A multi-ethnic, straight, cisgender child of the 80’s whose parents would carry her into the voting booth every election day and taught her to read via newspapers, Kristine grew up dedicated to democracy and promoting progressive values. Her upbringing is what lead her to go to law school, work on political campaigns, and eventually brought her to DC where she worked at the American Constitution Society and now works at the Center for Reproductive Rights. At the Center, Kristine is a federal policy counsel, advancing proactive measures in support of abortion access and also defeating bills that would diminish our right to abortion care.
Abortion Story Summary: While a rising sophomore at college, I and my loving boyfriend got pregnant. It was a poorly timed pregnancy, as neither of us were in a financially nor emotionally stable place to parent effectively. I went to a local Planned Parenthood where I received compassionate, competent, and complete abortion care. I testify because I should not be ashamed of my choice to have an abortion, nor should I feel compelled to stay silent. It’s freeing to be honest and open and there for other women who are going through a similar experience now.

Stories by Kristine Kippins

Kristine Kippins on Her Abortion and Privilege

“I try to own that privilege. I tell my abortion story, never forgetting to share the litany of privileges I enjoyed, as an example of how health care access could be in this country. It’s not a perfect tale, but it’s pretty damned close. At every moment, in every choice and every decision, I was in control and had the ability to do what I needed. There are too many people for which this isn’t the case. So I tell my story for them. I tell my story in the hopes that it can be a similar story for anyone who wants an abortion.” Continue reading