Storyteller: Mallory McMaster

Bio:  Mallory McMaster is a writer and organizer in Cleveland, Ohio. She experienced what she considers an ideal abortion in 2013 and shares her story to illustrate the inequality that exists in abortion access. As a married white woman who lived in close proximity to a world-class abortion facility, and who had health insurance that paid for her procedure, Mallory experienced almost no barriers to abortion. She knows that her experience is unusual, though, and fights to remove barriers that prevent people with other identities from accessing abortion care when they need it. Mallory lives in Cleveland Heights with her husband Alan, her son, and way too many pets.


Four Sentence Story: The procedure itself was quick and painless. The thing I remember most about that day is the fast food I ate on my way home: a cheeseburger and two orders of fries from Rally’s. My abortion was great, but I recognize that my experience is incredibly rare. And this is because of my immense geographic, financial, racial, social, and physical privilege.

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Stories by Mallory McMaster

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