Storyteller: Nikia Paulette

Location: St. Louis, MO

Local Fund: Gateway Access Fund

Growing up, my access to family planning was always limited. I didn’t have many options to choose from because doctors in my local clinic wouldn’t let patients get an IUD unless they had already had children, even though there was no medical evidence supporting that practice. I did everything I could to prevent pregnancy, but I still found myself unexpectedly pregnant when I was a 21 and a sophomore in college. My partner and I were struggling financially and raising a child simply wasn’t possible for us. I’d watched my mother struggle with the burden of raising fourteen children, and I knew that wasn’t the route I wanted my life to take. I made the decision to have an abortion so I could create the life I wanted for myself.

Stories by Nikia Paulette

Nikia’s Abortion Story

I’m excited to share my abortion story because I want to combat abortion stigma. It is important for me to share my story as part of the resistance to the constant attack on people of color having abortions. As a freedom fighter, working to end all oppression, I am exercising my right to self-determination. I … Continue reading