Storyteller: Sharon

Location: Euless, Texas
Bio: Sharon is a Latina born and raised in Honduras, a beautiful country in Central America. A person who loves to help and give people hope of living, she came to the United States in February 2015 with her family to attend college. In December, Sharon moved to Texas and will be studying business management there. While she says life in the United States has been tough and full of challenges and disappointments, she is still here wanting to succeed.
Abortion Story Summary: In June 2015, I went for summer vacation to Honduras to visit my family. While I was in Honduras, I took Plan B to prevent a pregnancy, but it didn’t work. By the time I was able to get an abortion, I was 31 weeks pregnant, so my abortion cost $12,000, and I had to travel to New Mexico in less than a week. I am sharing my story and want for people out there know about it because I know they do not know about abortion. We, as women, we decide for our bodies, our lives and our futures. No one can decide for us, no law and no financial situation.

Stories by Sharon