Storyteller: Stephanie Loraine

Location: Florida

Local Fund: Central Florida Women’s Emergency Fund

I live my truth and love myself because of the decisions I have made – especially my decision to end pregnancies that resulted from both consensual and non-consensual sex.

Although I worked and studied since I was 13 years old to support my family, when it came to decisions about my body or my life I was told I was not capable of making my own decisions. My abortion (s) was a means of survival and self-preservation for a future I wanted to live on my own terms.

Stories by Stephanie Loraine

Stephanie’s Abortion Story

I am excited to combat abortion stigma through full-spectrum storytelling. There is power in storytelling – strength through vulnerability and in turn leadership through vulnerability. When 1 in 3 women* will have an abortion in their lifetime it’s a good chance you love someone who’s had an abortion. It’s important to share my abortion story … Continue reading