Abortion. Anytime. Any reason.

We should all be able to have access to abortion care, at any time and for any reason.

Cake by The Sweet Feminist; cream cake with gold and white ball confetti around the edges with the words "Abortion. Anytime. Any reason." written in light blue icing.All of our lives are different. All of our pregnancies are different. We deserve the ability to make the best decisions for our lives as we need it.
Anti-abortion laws, and financial and logistical barriers have made it harder for us to get the care we need, when we want it. It’s time to abolish restrictions on abortion and make sure that everyone has access to care throughout pregnancy.
We deserve compassion, support, and love no matter when we had our abortions. It’s time to listen to our stories and why we had abortions later in our pregnancies.
  • HK Gray, whose abortion was delayed into the second trimester because the state of Texas required her to go through the long and complicated process of getting a judge’s approval for an abortion.
  • Seema Syed, whose pregnancy took a turn during her 26th week as a result of an abusive relationship by her husband.
  • Sharon, who couldn’t afford an abortion when she wanted one and then was lied to by volunteers an anti-abortion crisis pregnancy center.
  • Beth Vial, whose polycystic ovarian syndrome made it so she didn’t know she was pregnant and then hospital administrators wouldn’t grant her an abortion, forcing her to travel out of state for care.
  • Valerie Peterson, who received a diagnosis for her pregnancy learning that her son would be stillborn or she could choose to terminate.

No matter the reason,
we deserve abortion access.
At any time. For any reason.

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