National Network of Abortion Funds, Advocates for Youth & National Abortion Federation Send 42 Abortion Stories to Senate Judiciary Committee Ahead of Gorsuch Hearing

Currently, the Senate is holding hearings for Neil Gorsuch to possibly fill the currently vacant seat on the United States Supreme Court. Protecting the legal right to an abortion is essential to abortion access, particularly after last year’s win in the case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. To illustrate the importance of abortion access to the Senate Judiciary Committee members holding hearings for Judge Gorsuch, the National Network of Abortion Funds partnered with Advocates for Youth and the National Abortion Federation to submit abortion stories from 42 people across the country. Everyone loves someone who had an abortion, and the Senators who represent people who have abortions have a duty to protect their rights and access. We urge the senate judiciary committee to reject the nomination of Judge Gorsuch to protect abortion access for everyone.

Download the letter.

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