Self-Managed Abortion Comics

For centuries, people have self-managed their abortions—some methods worked while others did not. As time has passed, and medical innovation and access to healthcare has changed, our self-managed abortion experiences have too. Although we now have safer methods than we have had in the past, self-managed abortion is still very misunderstood, stigmatized, and criminalized, particularly for people of color, immigrants, and others. It’s time we have open conversations about why people self-manage their abortions, and make sure they have safe access to compassionate and loving care on their own terms.

To change the conversation, the We Testify abortion storytellers partnered with artists who’ve had abortions to illustrate their stories and help more people understand why and how someone might choose to self-manage their abortion. We invite you to read through our stories and learn more about why we chose to self-manage our abortions.

Everyone loves someone who had an abortion.

I found out I was pregnant in my 20’s, when I was living in India... Continue readingRead ‘India’
When my BFF asked for a tampon, I wondered why my period hadn’t arrived. I was still identifying as a cis straight woman despite having feelings that this identity was a lie. I was in shock... Continue readingRead ‘Transition’
Today, more than ever before, we have a safe and dependable way to have abortions in our own homes. So why don’t we do it this way more often?... Continue readingRead ‘History’ In college, I was dating a guy who was nice enough, but didn’t respect my boundaries. So I called things off.  (In a speech bubble) Don’t kiss me in front of my professors!... Continue readingRead ‘Herbal’I couldn’t believe my period was late again, and I knew the test would turn positive before I took it. I’ve been through this twice before, and despite my best efforts my birth control had failed me again. I knew kids weren’t a part of my life plan, so making the decision to have an abortion was a simple and easy one. How to access that abortion was a bit more complicated... Continue readingRead ‘Miso’ Created with We Testify... Continue readingRead ‘COVID (English)’ Creado con We Testify ... Continue readingLeer ‘COVID [Español]’ Abortion Across Borders: An Abortion Journey... Continue readingRead ‘Journey (English)’ El Aborto No Tiene Fronteras: Mi travesía de aborto ... Continue readingLeer ‘Travesía [Español]’ How people self-manage abortions using pills. According to the World Health Organization.... Continue readingRead ‘How to Self Manage (English)’ Cómo las personas autogestionan sus propios abortos con pastillas. De acuerdo con la Organización Mundial de la Salud... Continue readingLeer ‘Aborto Autogestionado [Español]

India by Vreni Stollberger
Transition by Sage Coffey
History of Self-Managed Abortion by Arwen Donahue
Herbal by Arwen Donahue
Miso by Sage Coffey
COVID by Caitlin Blunnie
Journey by Shanthony Exum
How to Self-Manage by Shanthony Exum