Statement on White Supremacist Coup at the Capitol

The We Testify storytellers are horrified at the white supremacist coup and clear seditious acts that our nation witnessed at the United States Capitol building today as our legislators attempted to solidify the results of the 2020 presidential election. While we are distraught, sadly we are not surprised. This is what white supremacy looks like—it is violent, harmful and those who believe in it will stop at nothing to maintain power, control, and oppression over people of color. For some of us, it also feels familiar because coups and denial of justice are commonplace in our communities and home countries, including by the United States government. White supremacy and colonialism have a long reach that must be dismantled.

We are also not surprised to see anti-abortion leaders present at the rally preceding the coup and the violent coup itself because the anti-abortion movement is born of and deeply rooted in white supremacy. Their desire to restrict our ability to live freely has never been limited to the ballot box or the laws they enact. They have spent decades—really centuries—threatening our lives for seeking care and sharing our abortion stories, bombing and attacking abortion clinics, terrorizing BIPOC, undocumented and immigrant communities, queer and trans people, Black churches, mosques, synagogues, schools, and disabled people across the nation. Anti-abortion activism is white supremacist terrorism.

Today was a reminder that so many of us cannot depend on the state to protect our lives or our rights. We see those in power enabling and inciting violence, and getting a pass by the very law enforcement that beats on and maims us for protesting for justice and making our voices heard. We deserve better than this.

What we witnessed today was terrifying. We hope that everyone will take time to care for their loved ones, care for themselves, and take steps to end white supremacy wherever it exists within their communities. We cannot achieve reproductive justice so long as white supremacy is allowed to thrive. We Testify storytellers will always stand against white supremacy.

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