What It Was Like to Get a Later Abortion

Youth Testify Abortion Storyteller Beth Vial wrote about her 28 week abortion for Teen Vogue. In recent weeks, New York and Virginia have made headlines for their efforts to cut the medically unnecessary regulations on later abortion. The bills sought to ensure that people seeking abortions would no longer have to travel out of state … Continue reading

I Kept Thinking About Juno

We’d been dating for three years. I was 25 and he was 26. We were clear about our position on the “what if I got pregnant?” question. No babies. I only wanted adopted children and he liked the idea of seeing what our genes mixed together would be like, but he was on board with … Continue reading

We Weren’t Ready

After having been told I was infertile in my early 20s, I stayed on birth control as a precaution but didn’t think I could get pregnant. I was working happily in the restaurant industry when I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I weren’t ready to change our careers and where we lived, … Continue reading