I’m excited to be a part of We testify, because they truly live their values and support storytellers by building community and investing in leadership.

I share my story to reach the person sitting on the bathroom floor, sobbing and staring in disbelief at two lines that read pregnant. I remember being there, I remember thinking what will my family think, what will become of my future? I want people in similar situation to know they are not alone. I am with you. But, I also share my story to take a stand against the deliberate, repeated attacks on access to abortion care that we face in the state of Texas and the U.S. Although I struggled to come up with funds for my procedure, I consider myself lucky. Many of the laws that are in place today did not keep me from accessing abortion care. I share my story because I envision a world where governments, non-profits, communities, and individuals provide real, tangible support for folks who choose to have families and for those who chose not to parent. I share my story because I believe we can live in a world where stigma is no longer a barrier toward accessing reproductive health care or parenting as a young parent or a parent in poverty. I share my story because ABORTION IS HEALTHCARE. I share my story because I demand a future with affordable access to stigma-free abortion care and the right to raise a family on my own terms.

I am brave. I am compassionate. I am self-determined. I am bold. I am We Testify and I will not be silenced.