Alejandra’s Abortion Story

As a We Testify Storyteller, I am excited to learn from my sisters and I am excited to have support instead of keeping my stories to myself and feeling isolated. I want to de-stigmatize abortions and put shame in its place. Shame is no longer welcomed here.

I tell my story because I do not want to stay in the dark any longer. There is an incredible amount of stigma, lies, myths out there about abortions, and I see no justice in that. Immigrant women are not just here to have anchor babies, we are not just here to have a lot of babies and live off of public services. Some of us want to wait to start families, and some of us love focusing on our careers, and some of us do not even want to become a parent. Latinas are not solely “calientes”, nor irresponsible. I chose an abortion because comprehensive sex education wasn’t a thing. I made this choice because I did not want to be a parent.

The decisions we make are supported by our very own lived experiences. Trust us. I know that when a mom is separated from her daughter, whether it is a country that separates them or an immigration prison, you might as well rip her heart out. I know this because my mother had to suffer through our separation once. I was detained in an immigration prison for two years, and my mom and my family visited every weekend. We do not deserve that punishment. At the moment, in this society, you can say my choice of creating a family was made for me anyway. It is not fit for a child to come into a world that locks people away for decades and profits off of their bodies, or a world that lets brown people die of preventable diseases simply because they are poor. I want people to know that there are other dreams I have. I have dreams of legalizing all of my people, the 11 million, especially the criminalized. I have dreams of abolishing police and prisons so that I won’t be afraid for my people and my loved ones. I have dreams of eliminating borders so that all my people can migrate freely and live the healthy, full lives they are destined to live.