Ashley’s Abortion Story

I am excited to share my story and incorporate the parts of my identity that have shaped me. I am a Black woman, HBCU graduate, Christian, and someone who has had an abortion.

There are so many women who have shared their abortion stories with me, and given me the courage to share my own. Unfortunately, to the general public, these women are misrepresented. Our complex stories are dissected to perpetuate stereotypes about our race, gender identity, and class. I believe it is important for me to share my story to shift the narrative of Black women who get abortions. Far too often, Black women’s experiences are flattened into statistics or caricatured to garner sympathetic support of legislation. We are much more than talking points. We are autonomous beings that make the best decisions for ourselves, and we do not live in regret.

 I want fellow Christians to know that having  abortions won’t separate you from the love of God. My faith played a major role in choosing abortion and being able to feel firm in my decision. I want those who don’t identify as Christian–but are subjected to protesters who use Biblical language on their signs and pamphlets–to know that hate, bigotry, judgement, intimidation, and lies are not the traits of authentic Christians. I want people to know that you don’t have to choose between your faith and your decision to have an abortion.For me, having an abortion actually strengthened my spiritual relationship.