Aziza’s Abortion Story

y? I’m excited to be a part of WT because it helps me to de-stigmatize abortion and people who have abortions.

 It’s important for me to share my story because as a 30+ year old woman who had an abortion when most people are family planning, I made a decision that was best for me in my particular situation, despite what society deemed I should be doing with my life at that age. Additionally, I felt that the more I share my story on a personal level or a public platform the more normalized it becomes. There is no reason for anyone to feel embarrassed for making the best life choice for them at any given moment. I want people who have chosen this option to do so with open minds, hearts, and conscious.

 Mainly, I want people to know that those of us who have had abortions are human and have emotion tied to our experiences and aren’t bad people. We’re your daughters, sisters, cousins, aunts, wives and people you love whom choose when we will have children.