Bi’s Abortion Story

When I found out I was pregnant, I processed with close friends, my partner and received a lot of support. Ultimately, I decided it wasn’t the political, social or environmental moment I wanted to have a child in. Also, my emotional wellbeing was resulting in psychosomatic, physical strain on my body over this pregnancy. I went to a small clinic that allowed my partner to be in the room and doula me through my abortion. I don’t regret my decision, but I am disappointed that I and many others don’t feel safe¬†enough to create families.

I’m excited to share my experience. I’m excited to explore social interaction in intimate settings where I am not facilitator but the participant. So in that way, I am excited to explore friendships, to make space for myself as content introvert in group settings. I believe it will help me better connect to readers of my stories.

I want people who read my story to know that we need your love and support just like we would with any other pregnancy decision or outcome. This is apart of life, apart of partnership, apart of friendship, apart of parenting, apart of showing up for people you love.