Brittany Mostiller-Keith’s Abortion Story

When I became pregnant in 2007, only four months after giving birth to my third daughter, I knew I could not mentally, financially or emotionally care for another child. I was just beginning to understand just how hard it is to navigate this world as a young, Black woman and mother. It was as if I was screaming to the world, “I’m here. I matter. Don’t you see me?!” I knew right away abortion was the best option for me. The decision was the easy part. Paying for my abortion, requesting time off from work, disclosing my decision to others whom I had to borrow money from and dealing with the shame was the hard part. It took some time for me to understand just how important, although uncommon, my experience was. As a Black woman, it’s necessary for me to share my experience with others like me so they can know they’re not alone, they do matter and yes, I see you!