Cazembe’s Abortion Story

 I am excited to lift up the voices of Black trans men who have had abortions and want to give birth. I feel like it helps other folks to find themselves if they can see examples of folks who look and live like them in the media. I feel like it is important to share my story because every time it is told, it normalizes trans people in the reproductive justice conversation. Often when we think of abortion access or even pregnancy and childbirth we call these “women’s issues”. This erases the experience of trans and gender nonconforming folks who also have abortions and give birth to children. It is important for for trans folks to know that they are included in this movement and that there is safe comprehensive care available for them too. I want to do everything in my power to make this a reality.  I wish that folks understood that men have abortions too.That gender is separate from the ability to reproduce children. That every person who has the ability to create children is capable of determining when if ever is the right time to do it.