Kay’s Abortion Story

 I have always wanted to be apart of anything that is going to make a difference in this crazy world. We Testify has created a space full of amazing fearless storytellers. This has not only made my journey of delivering my story easier but it has been such a privilege to be apart of this. I am excited to be apart of We Testify because my story must be heard.

When I needed my abortions, I faced barriers that no person should be forced to overcome in order to access healthcare they need. These barriers were tough. They were unacceptable, judgmental, stigmatizing, and belittling. As an inmate, a young woman, and a black woman, my struggle to access the abortion care I needed made me feel criticized not supported. I want to share my story so we can start breaking down these barriers.

I want people to know that I’m black, young, successful and amazing and I have had MULTIPLE abortions.