My abortion was a blessing.

In August of 1974 I found myself 16 & pregnant. Yes, we used birth control, but it failed. My boyfriend of 4 yrs panicked & was useless. My parents were shaming. My mother felt I had brought the wrath of God upon her & my father just yelled “what have you done to us? What will the neighbors say?”

There was no concern for me whatsoever. I knew I didn’t want this pregnancy, no questions asked. Thank goddess my boyfriend’s mom was progressive & as far as I’m concerned, she saved my life. Abortion had just become legal. I shudder to think of what might have happened to me if it hadn’t been legal. I would’ve become a death statistic. I never regretted my decision, though it forever altered my relationship with my parents. Years later when I lost a set of twins my mother’s only comment was “serves you right after the abortion you had!” I went on to marry (41 yrs) have 2 amazing kids & graduate summa cum laude with a counseling degree. None it would be possible if an amazing woman hadn’t helped me & abortion was not legal. We CAN’T go backwards….Roe vs Wade saved my life and I’ll give my life to preserve it.