No regrets

I was 17 and had finished high school early. My boyfriend and I were living together and were using a cervical cap for contraception. One morning after we had had sex I woke up and the cervical cap was definitely not where it was supposed to be. Somehow it had gotten dislodged. Not long after … Continue reading

It was the best thing for me.

In 1976 I was a high school sophomore, ignorant and innocent. My first real boyfriend was an exchange student from another continent, I couldn’t believe he chose me. When I inevitably became pregnant he assumed we would marry and move to his country, living happily ever after. Roe v Wade had only been decided three … Continue reading

Life goes on

Life goes on…. I was young, and just starting my life independently . I got pregnant using birth control, the diaphragm is obviously not 100% effective. Not only was I not ready financially or emotionally to be a mother but having experienced single motherhood though my own widowed mother I knew the hardship. I was … Continue reading

My family was supportive

In 1975, shortly after I had my first sexual encounter, I met my 1st boyfriend and we began a relationship. I went to a gynecologist to get a prescription for birth control. The doctor told me to wait until my period came before starting the medication. A month went by, no period. I went home … Continue reading

Me too

I was married, had a stable job, and decent health insurance, but I was not safe when I became pregnant. I was being sexually harassed in a very threatening way at work and my boss was not open to solutions that would keep it from happening. I was miserable as we went back and forth … Continue reading