Kenya’s Abortion Story

I’m excited to be a part of We Testify because after becoming an abortion counselor, I found it to be very helpful to share with patients that I too had an abortion. So I felt it necessary to share with an even broader audience; especially women of color. It is important for women/woc and mothers … Continue reading

Kay’s Abortion Story

 I have always wanted to be apart of anything that is going to make a difference in this crazy world. We Testify has created a space full of amazing fearless storytellers. This has not only made my journey of delivering my story easier but it has been such a privilege to be apart of this. … Continue reading

Aimee’s Abortion Story

 I am excited to be in a space within the reproductive health, justice, and rights movement that feels like a safe space to tell my abortion story and to have the support to make it an enriching and fulfilling experience. After hearing a woman’s story 4 years ago during the People’s Filibuster in Texas, I … Continue reading

Kristine Kippins on Her Abortion and Privilege

“I try to own that privilege. I tell my abortion story, never forgetting to share the litany of privileges I enjoyed, as an example of how health care access could be in this country. It’s not a perfect tale, but it’s pretty damned close. At every moment, in every choice and every decision, I was in control and had the ability to do what I needed. There are too many people for which this isn’t the case. So I tell my story for them. I tell my story in the hopes that it can be a similar story for anyone who wants an abortion.” Continue reading