Jack Qu’emi Gutiérrez’s Abortion Story

I had a medicinal abortion when I was 20. I was a poor undergraduate student in a crumbling relationship with poor mental health. Making the decision to have an abortion wasn’t difficult, but accessing it was…It wasn’t just the physical and logistical aspects of having a medicinal procedure, but the emotional labor of navigating a space where I was constantly misgendered… Continue reading

We Testify’s Origin Story

Storytelling, and more specifically abortion storytelling is a radical act, but not a new one. Since the beginning of time, sharing stories has been the way communities of color pass oral family histories, recipes, and health treatments to loved ones, and organize to fight for justice. Passing these stories down from generation to generation ensures … Continue reading

Kelsea McLain’s Abortion Story

In 2010, I discovered I was pregnant. This news came as a bit of a shock to me: I spent several years in college teaching safer sex classes and assumed that my personal knowledge would somehow magically protect me from an unwanted pregnancy. I suffered from the idea that “smart, educated” women don’t need abortions … Continue reading

Anise Simon’s Abortion Story

My abortion story is a little different every time I tell it because it’s not just a story about my abortion. It’s a story about escaping a physically and financially abusive relationship and finding my inner strength. It’s a story about staying with someone who disrespected me because women in my community counseled me to … Continue reading

“I’ve Already Been ‘Punished’ for My Abortion, Even Without Donald Drumpf Jailing Me”

Published on Glamour Magazine‘s website on April 1, 2016.  Dear The Donald, I want to thank you for your recent comments on how your imaginary administration plans to treat people like me who’ve had abortions. In a few short sentences, you unveiled the anti-choice movement’s grand plan better than I ever could have. As you’ll recall, on … Continue reading