Quarantine Love

It was a week after my birthday when I noticed my period still hadn’t come; I kept thinking maybe it would, even my boyfriend thought the same. I was totally wrong. Two weeks later I decided to order a pregnancy test. That morning I snuck in the bathroom, I didn’t want my boyfriend to find out, I just didn’t know what to expect. Once I took the test I didn’t understand the lines, but I knew deep down if I wasn’t pregnant it would have showed one lineI still had hope. Weirdly my boyfriend wanted to go on a walk, he is always so sweet to me but that day he expressed how he couldn’t wait for our life together. I wanted to cry 😢  because I was scared to tell him that the test could have been positive but I wasn’t sure. I finally opened up and we went to Rite Aid and picked a test that was digital, then I went home and took a nap. Once I woke up from the nap I went into the bathroom and took the test….it read “pregnant.” I stepped out of the bathroom and handed it to my boyfriend, he didn’t say much except for “I knew it.” The room got cold once I went into the bathroom. We couldn’t believe it, I just knew we couldn’t have a baby right now! We were only 22 years old! And on top of that a whole pandemic was happening, I just knew the only right thing for us was to have an abortion. We have goals and dreams and didn’t have our lives together. The next day I called Planned Parenthood and set up an appointment. My experience was not bad, everyone there was nice and respectful. While being asked questions I wanted to cry for just a second but once I got it done I felt relieved. I went back home and my boyfriend was irritated. I asked him what was wrong, but I just knew he felt guilty, in a different circumstance we probably would have had our baby together, we’ve been together for 6 years and have lived together for 2, we are a happy couple and we want kids but we knew right now we are to young to provide for one. He said he was sorry and recently after 4 months he confessed to me that he gets sad still thinking we had to go through that, we both cried then because I still think about it but I know he or she needs to know we will always love them and that one day we will meet again. Our experience was not bad, I had support from my older sister who took me, we didn’t have a car at the time (and how could we have raised a kid without one). Now we have one but it took us saving up for one during the pandemic. I just want girls to know that they are not alone, I hope this helps someone. And it’s your choice! And the whole goal.