Reaching Out

To keep it real humble, I grew up undocumented. I am now a DACA kid. I was attending the University of Houston to be a teacher. I was on a bus trip to MO. On the way back I bumped into a man at a GreyHound terminal in Tulsa. His trip was to California. He was attending the University of Missouri Saint Louis to be a chemist. He was the most gentle soul I had ever encountered. I had met the love of my life. He visited me in TX. My parents disowned me for it. The stress was so much I dropped out of university. He brought me back home to St. Louis. We realized we were pregnant. His addictions crept back into his life. He threw my stuff off the balcony. The only way to protect our child from him was to mercifully abort baby Pixiu. I stayed in a Super 8 motel alone for 6 nights. I took an Amtrak train risking COVID-19 just to get back to a family who rejected me, hoping they’d take me in when my own protector had failed me.