I found out I was pregnant the summer before my third year of college. I knew I didn’t want a child at 20 and the boy that got me pregnant was my f*** buddy and he ghosted me after I told him. My family was unable to help me financially and I didn’t want to drop out of school to have a child. During this time I told one of my friends who urged me to consider adoption but I really just didn’t want to have my body stretched and pulled by pregnancy, so I choose to have an abortion. My abortion wasn’t one that was traumatic, the only bad thing was having people standing outside of the building shouting and holding up signs and trying to stop women from coming inside the building. Once I was inside the process was a slow one, though the doctors and nurses were friendly and compassionate, the process took over 3 hours between the check-up and getting the pills (I choose to have a medical abortion). I was honestly so very relieved once it was all over. I truly wasn’t ready to take care of a child and I was relieved that I was able to have an abortion. I found out I was pregnant in time to have my abortion in my state where you cannot get an abortion after 12 weeks. I am one of the lucky ones and I am happy that I was able to choose relief instead of a lifetime of struggle.