Sally’s Abortion Story

 I am excited to be part of We Testify because I want to bond with other people who have shared the same life changing event, and to also gain clarity and healing around my own abortion story. It’s important that I share my abortion story in order to help remove stigma and shame. Abortion is a very common medical procedure that many people will choose to have, and the conversation needs to be normalized. I also want people who have had abortions to not feel alone in their experience. These voices need to be heard and empowered. More importantly, the right to an abortion should be seen as a human rights issue. If these arbitrary laws continue to impede on the bodily autonomy of a select group of citizens, then we’re creating a future that threatens freedom for everyone. People who have had abortions, and will have abortions, have made the right choice for themselves and their families. We need to support, care for, and trust individuals that come to this decision. They know what’s best for their future.