Samantha Romero’s Abortion Story

When I discovered I was pregnant, I had recently graduated from college. My partner and I were in a loving relationship, but we were both underemployed. I knew I was not in a financial or emotional state to have a child. I was so ashamed of my situation, I hid my experience from my mother and my sister. Thankfully, I had full support from my partner to do what was right for me, which was to have an abortion.

My abortion was an experience I never thought I’d share with anyone. I kept a heavy secret because I was scared of the judgement it would bring.

This fear went away after working in East Texas on the Wendy Davis Campaign.

I was incredibly surprised and genuinely heartbroken at the backlash aimed towards me personally for supporting the pro-choice candidate. Consequently, I understood that if I truly supported my own decision, and believed in my own autonomy, then sharing my abortion story with others was worth any amount of judgement people had to offer. I hope that in doing so, I can help minimize the shame and stigma surrounding abortions, a common medical procedure.