Sheila’s Abortion Story

I am excited to be part of We Testify because it’s an opportunity to reclaim my abortion story, to share a piece of my own truth, and to do so in community with other storytellers who, everyday, lift each other up. I’m proud to be part of We Testify as it centers storytellers, mostly of color, as the experts of our own lives and honors the act of storytelling as both subversive and vulnerable. For the fierce and brilliant women in my family, many of whose stories have been quieted or never trusted, I participate in We Testify.

I share my abortion story so it is heard above the din of others’ stereotypes or expectations of my community. Growing up and even today, it is rare to see South Asians represented among those who have had abortions. When I had my own, I didn’t see myself in anyone I knew. It’s important for me to share my abortion story so that my community, my nieces, my nephews, the generations that follow, know that we, too, have abortions. And should they have abortions, they will know they are not alone. I tell my abortion story because I want my community to be counted, to feel not ashamed but proud, and to see ourselves in each other’s stories.

I want people to hear our stories to know that we are strong, brilliant, and beautiful. We are the experts of our own lives.