Stephanie’s Abortion Story

I am excited to combat abortion stigma through full-spectrum storytelling.

There is power in storytelling – strength through vulnerability and in turn leadership through vulnerability. When 1 in 3 women* will have an abortion in their lifetime it’s a good chance you love someone who’s had an abortion. It’s important to share my abortion story because there are many Latinx people like me who have had to navigate machismo and toxic masculinity their entire lives. When it came to decisions about my body or my life I was told by my family, the government and society I was not capable of making my own decisions. Sharing my story is especially important for people whose families, churches, partners, political parties have shamed them for choosing to exercise their right to bodily autonomy.

My decision to have an abortion(s) changed the course of my life and was a means of survival and self-preservation. Everyone’s experience with abortion is different and we should affirm, validate and respect the spectrum of these experiences.