Too late

I got pregnant with a man who cared nothing about me. I waited too long and had to have a later abortion. My state didn’t perform them that far into pregnancy so I had to travel out state to have it done. It cost my father thousands of dollars to do it. And it broke his heart being a catholic, but he knew I needed to do it.

I remember him coming up with money in a matter of hours. I waited so long hoping my boyfriend would want to grow up and have this baby, but he never did. So I lay there on a cold table while a male doctor did an ultrasound, all I could think of was asking of it was a boy, because I knew he could tell. It didn’t hurt physically, but emotionally it tore me up inside. For a very long time after I didn’t deal with it, and quickly went downhill.

I regret the lack of support women like myself get after making such a  decision.  I made the right choice and every woman deserves too make that choice. I now have a beautiful 3 year old. And he is the light of my life. I was ready for him and that makes all the difference. You can not bring a child into this world just because and expect to love him/her if you aren’t ready. How miserable would myself and that child before had been if I followed thru with that pregnancy?