Bi’s Abortion Story

When I found out I was pregnant, I processed with close friends, my partner and received a lot of support. Ultimately, I decided it wasn’t the political, social or environmental moment I wanted to have a child in. Also, my emotional wellbeing was resulting in psychosomatic, physical strain on my body over this pregnancy. I … Continue reading

Shivana’s Abortion Story

Growing up Hindu, the message was clear: men could enjoy sex, women could not. I broke the rules anyway; I knew I could not be caged in like some animal controlled by the village of aunties, uncles, and the temple community, always watching me, reminding me how to be a “respectable” woman. A budding feminist, … Continue reading

Sally’s Abortion Story

 I am excited to be part of We Testify because I want to bond with other people who have shared the same life changing event, and to also gain clarity and healing around my own abortion story. It’s important that I share my abortion story in order to help remove stigma and shame. Abortion is … Continue reading

Nikia’s Abortion Story

I’m excited to share my abortion story because I want to combat abortion stigma. It is important for me to share my story as part of the resistance to the constant attack on people of color having abortions. As a freedom fighter, working to end all oppression, I am exercising my right to self-determination. I … Continue reading

Holly’s Abortion Story

 I’m excited to be a part of We Testify to reduce stigma surrounding abortion and to empower folks I encounter everyday who have had an abortion. Most importantly, I’m excited to be a part of We Testify to shift the conversation on abortion back to someone like me–someone who has had an abortion. It’s important … Continue reading

I’m excited to be a part of We testify, because they truly live their values and support storytellers by building community and investing in leadership. I share my story to reach the person sitting on the bathroom floor, sobbing and staring in disbelief at two lines that read pregnant. I remember being there, I remember … Continue reading

Stephanie’s Abortion Story

I am excited to combat abortion stigma through full-spectrum storytelling. There is power in storytelling – strength through vulnerability and in turn leadership through vulnerability. When 1 in 3 women* will have an abortion in their lifetime it’s a good chance you love someone who’s had an abortion. It’s important to share my abortion story … Continue reading