Quarantine Love

It was a week after my birthday when I noticed my period still hadn’t come; I kept thinking maybe it would, even my boyfriend thought the same. I was totally wrong. Two weeks later I decided to order a pregnancy test. That morning I snuck in the bathroom, I didn’t want my boyfriend to find … Continue reading


I found out I was pregnant the summer before my third year of college. I knew I didn’t want a child at 20 and the boy that got me pregnant was my f*** buddy and he ghosted me after I told him. My family was unable to help me financially and I didn’t want to … Continue reading

Mapping Out Abortion: An Elegy

I remember reading articles when I was younger, probably in Seventeen Magazine, about young women who had gone through abortions. These articles painted portraits of broken young women, in perpetual mourning for their dead babies. One article described how a girl would write letters to her aborted baby every day. While I do not deny … Continue reading

Access To Legal Abortion Saves Lives

In the 1930s, my late mother was an OB Registered Nurse in public health working out of Los Angeles County General Hospital. Her best friend was one of the first female OB/GYN physicians in America. I often recall their quiet conversations at family gatherings about the “ward in the basement.” This was code for where … Continue reading

National Health Service Abortion

Going through abortion is something that nobody talks about. Well, they do – just not in a way that’s helpful. I found out I was pregnant a week after Alabama had passed the most restrictive abortion law in the US to date. The thought of women being stripped of their constitutional right to make decisions … Continue reading