Kristine Kippins on Her Abortion and Privilege

“I try to own that privilege. I tell my abortion story, never forgetting to share the litany of privileges I enjoyed, as an example of how health care access could be in this country. It’s not a perfect tale, but it’s pretty damned close. At every moment, in every choice and every decision, I was in control and had the ability to do what I needed. There are too many people for which this isn’t the case. So I tell my story for them. I tell my story in the hopes that it can be a similar story for anyone who wants an abortion.” Continue reading

Testifying Through Tattoos: An Interview with Evie Yapelli

“Working on the project and learning more about the National Network of Abortion Funds has definitely changed that. I remember when I was drawing the image with the banner that reads “I had an abortion,” and I wondered if that was one of the images that was going to be used on a T-shirt. In that short moment I worked through my own bias, moving from feeling intimidated at the idea of someone wearing that T-shirt, to thinking it was brave, to thinking that it shouldn’t have to be brave, it should just be.”

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Why I Testified in Texas

“These proposed regulations, which would have forced me to essentially plan a funeral for my fetus, would have made all of the challenges I faced when getting an abortion even more difficult and traumatic. When I reflect on my own abortion, I know that I deserved a better experience, free from shame and stigma. Like all people, I deserved to feel respect, support, and compassion. This is why we continue to fight against anti-abortion legislation like that proposed by DSHS.” Continue reading

Rana Barar’s Abortion Story

“Like two-thirds of women who have abortions, I am a mom, and like 30% of women seeking abortion, my kids were a big part of my decision not to have another child. I knew that bringing a baby into our family would draw resources, attention, and even love away from them. So I prioritized my existing family, my first loves…” Continue reading